The heavy winds that follow category 3 storms along the Florida coast cause extensive damage to the residential property. The local government has come out with some stringent measures like covering windows with 2 go hurricane shutter to minimize the loss of property. Since many of the homes are built to withstand wind pressures of up 130 mph, storm winds that carry debris are damaging the windows. To overcome this, hurricane shutter remains the best possible measure that any homeowner can think of. In fact, homes with windows that are not protected by shutters must be designed to withstand the pressure of high winds. Otherwise, 2 go hurricane shutter that provides better protection at the time of high-speed winds lashing the coast must be included. Some residents going in for shatter-resistant window glazing must test them to high winds pouring into the structure or else cover them with hurricane shutter. This will offer better safety as the hurricane shutter covers the entire window structure and safeguards against debris

Once hurricane shutter is installed covering the entire window, it must be fixed properly before the storm makes landfall. Instead of using lightweight shutters, heavy ones, including plywood, must be used to withstand windblown debris. The use of 2 go hurricane shutter in place of other panels brings in added safety to the premises. In case of commercial buildings, hurricane shutter must be closed tightly using anchors on all the four sides provides better safety. The new regulations in Miami-Dade County has made compulsory to have glass windows that can stand for winds of up to 130 mph or cover them with 2 go hurricane shutter. Investigations after a major storm-hit offers several clues as to how much of the damage was caused by faulty construction and poor code enforcement. This will help the officials in determining the new code and prepare better enforcement of the code asking people to install the hurricane shutter if the windows are not properly secured.

The heavy winds may cause damage to the residential premises if the roofs are not properly secured. In fact, roofing turns out to be major problem if laid with nail guns as this can be easily blown away by heavy winds. This must be secured with screws along with the hurricane shutter. The winds that carry debris at the time of storms cause heavy impact on windows. If the window glasses break, then the entire wind causes lot of pressure inside the house. Therefore, to stop such mishap 2 go hurricane shutter for glass doors and windows is a must. The use of hurricane shutter offers lot of protection against the windblown debris as well as heavy rain. In a way, the glass windows covered with hurricane shutter allow the sunlight inside during the storm. In case, the power supply goes off then the hurricane shutter that lets in lighting helps the residents to reduce their dependence on batteries for back up.