An aluminum storm panel is lower in cost than most of the hurricane shutters and storm panels available in the market today. These panels are very sturdy, yet weigh a lot less than what you would expect it to. The aluminum storm panel meets the strict building code requirements of all the coastal regions including Dade County, Monroe County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. During a hurricane, winds travel at an incredible 119 km per hour. Such a strong gale brings with heavy debris. An aluminum storm panel is the first line of defense that you have. The panel acts as a barrier that stops the debris and strong gale from shattering the windows. Since the winds cannot gain entry into the home you love so much, they canít possible cause any damage. Thus, by installing aluminum storm panel you are able to revert a deadly chain of events. So donít wait up for the authorities to signal the arrival of hurricane and then start checking out which aluminum storm panel is best for your home. If you have not done it already do it now!

Let us now take a look at the benefits of the aluminum storm panel. As stated earlier an aluminum storm panel cost comparatively lower than other panel in the market. Secondly, since it is very light, it is easy to install. And of course, it is as easy to remove as well. Also the lightweight of the aluminum storm panel allows it be stacked for more compact storage and effective maintenance. Also, the aluminum storm panel has no sharp edges and is thus, easier to handle. Plus, of course, the fact that the aluminum storm panel is made of extruded aluminum and power-coated paint to last longer. By power coating, aluminum storm panels become significantly harder, corrosion-free longer lasting, and fade resistant than by conventional painting.Latest innovations are further improving the aluminum storm panel; for example the latest C-track design that is available for new constructions.

Another innovation is the leg design that further strengthens the aluminum storm panel. The leg design reduces the dependency on other additional supports. The very unbecoming upper and lower edges can be done away with the help of the direct mount technique. Each of the aluminum storm panel is nowadays tested to withstand a 2 X 4 impact at a speed of 50í per second. Another addition is the optional lock. With the help of this lock, your aluminum storm panel will act as a deterrent to burglars when it is not protecting your house from hurricanes. An aluminum storm panel can be easily installed either from the inside or the outside. Aluminum storm panels are available in colors like white, bronze, ivory, and beige. Any structures containing considerable amount of glass, be it windows, doors, balconies, and garage doors, do make sure that you install the aluminum storm panel over it. The aluminum storm panel is a hassle-free contraption that needs very little maintenance charges in the long run.