Over the past 110 years, the center of a hurricane has passed within 75 miles of Miami, on average, once every 3.5 years. The rise in the intensity and the number of hurricanes hitting the coast is threatening the people residing in the Caribbean coastal areas. Many a disaster management techniques have been invented. Installing Hurricane shutter to the houses is one of them.

It is ideal to go for the shutter that is durable, strong and affordable. There are various Hurricane shutters available in temporary and permanent varieties. The temporary variety includes the aluminum, polycarbonate panels. Permanent variety includes Bahamas, Roll-down, Accordin, Hurricane glass, plywood and colonial available in the market. Among them shutter made from plywood is regarded as the Cheap Hurricane Shutter.

The presence of windows during a storm is considered crucial; when a window is broken, the air pressure may rise inside a building, causing the roof to break apart. This, in turn, weakens the walls of the structure, causing the walls to fall and the entire building to collapse. By installing Hurricane shutter one can stop this chain reaction from happening.

People who cannot afford the costly shutter resort to buy Cheap Hurricane Shutter. Shutters can be made of plywood at a very cheap rate, as it is available at $.75 - $1 per square foot. Many house owners who lack more permanent storm shutter systems cover their homes with plywood. It is important to install the shutters correctly. The least effective method used by many people with minimal time to prepare, is to let the plywood overlap the window opening and attach it to the structure using concrete nails.

You can build this Cheap Hurricane Shutter at a minimum cost and very little effort. Another advantage of this shutter is that you can make your own shutter at home according to your designs. The wood is cut to fit inside the inset of the window and is fastened to the windowsill using barrel bolts. This design is effective for two main reasons. Firstly, because the wood is recessed, the hurricane winds cannot get under the wood. Secondly, the wood stands perpendicular to the force of the wind

Some panels forms the Cheap Hurricane Shutter. They are steel, or aluminum shutters attached to the walls around windows and doors on bolts or tracks. They are strong, available at affordable price, and easily removable. Their setbacks include, sharp edges, difficult in handling and require storage place. On an average this costs at $4-$7 per square foot. Other Cheap Hurricane Shutter includes window covers made up of a high-tech fabric that allows light and visibility while protecting from high winds effectively enough to meet hurricane codes. Less expensive panes are also used as shutters but they give a shabby look to the house.