Hurricane is one of the deadly catastrophes that show an adverse impact on man. We are fortunate that there are some tools and techniques to be taken by the individuals and communities to curb the menace of this natural calamity. One of the tools is installing the Hurricane shutters to the windows and doors of the houses. Hurricane shutter helps to protect your home from the powerful wind associated with the flying debris and other particles. Clear Lexan Hurricane Panel shutters are able to resist the force of the winds blowing at the rate of 74 miles per hour and more.

Hurricane shutters range from the fixing of temporary and removable storm panels of plywood, aluminum, clear polycarbonate or other materials to the permanently fixed shutters like the Accordians, Bahamas, Rollers, Colonials and Panel shutters. Clear Lexan Hurricane Panel is the brand name for the clear view shutters. They attach on the top or bottom of the window on the tracks. They are lightweight and easy to install. They are made up of clear polycarbonate. They are corrugated and each piece overlaps the next for maximum strength. They take little space to store as they pile up one on other and are dent resistant.

Use of these panel shutters is in high demand due to their therapeutic value. They allow maximum amount of sunlight into the house. This protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Clear Lexan Hurricane Panel provides the direct information regarding the storm as soon as it strikes and alarm the residents to speed up the disaster management techniques for evacuation. Its better to use these panel shutters as other panels leave the residents in dark and they have to search for candles and flashlights, as power failure is inevitable during the storms.

Before purchasing the Clear Lexan Hurricane Panel shutters check that the quality control boards approve them. Ordinary shutters will protect you from the normal winds but in order to defend the hurricane winds they have to be approved by the quality control boards like SSBCI and Miami Dade County. They have to meet the standards set by the Florida new building code for easier and perfect installation.

Panels made of aluminum or steel do posses sharp edges and bear the risk in installing. Clear Lexan Hurricane Panel shutters are free from these setbacks. They can be removed easily when not in use. They are transparent and sport a spectacular outlook. They block the debris, dust, mites, molds and insect nests to reduce in house pollution. Aluminum and iron panels corrode and give a shabby appearance. Plywood too flakes out by continuous bathing. Very little maintenance is required for cleaning these panel shutters.