Hurricanes are one of the deadly catastrophes that make human life miserable. Installing hurricane shutters to the doors and windows is one of the techniques to beat the ravages of these fatal winds. Over the past 110 years, the center of a hurricane has passed within 75 miles of Miami, on average, once every 3.5 years. The rise in the frequency and intensity of them is creating panic and the people in the disaster prone areas from Florida to Texas and Maine are installing the shutters permanently to their houses. Quest for the shutters that not only defend the house but also beautify the house is gaining momentum. Clear Storm panels used in the shutters are the best choice for them.

After the destructive hurricane Wilma, a massive research was undertaken. It has proved that opening of the windows and doors during the storm plays a crucial role. The winds enter the house and generate enough pressure to blow off the roof and collapse the walls. The Hurricane shutters defend your house from these cyclical reactions. They resist your house from the winds blowing at the rate of 74 miles per hour and more.

Hurricane shutter types can range from the fixing of temporary and removable storm panels of plywood, aluminum, clear polycarbonate or other materials - to the permanent installation of storm shutters. Clear Storm Panels used in the shutters attach to the walls around windows and doors on tracks. They are corrugated and each piece overlaps the next for maximum strength.

Therapeutic value has become the USP of the shutters using Clear Storm Panels. They allow maximum amount of sunlight into the house. This protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays. They are transparent and sport a spectacular outlook. They block the debris, dust, mites, molds and insect nests and reduce in house pollution. Aluminum and iron panels corrode and give a shabby appearance. Another important feature of Clear Storm Panels is providing the direct information regarding the storm as soon as it strikes. By this the residents are alarmed to speed up the disaster management techniques feasibility. They provide ample amount of light at those times of power failures, as other panels leave the residents in dark and they have to search for candles and flashlights to gear up for the evacuation program.

Shutters that use Clear Storm Panels have the maximum advantage over other shutters. They take very less time in installation due to their lightweight. They are made up clear polycarbonate. They take little space to store as they pile up one on other and are dent resistant. They are durable and available on an average rate of $4-$7 per square foot. Lexan panels are the much sought after brand in Clear Storm Panels. They are sold with a ten-year warranty.