Hurricane is one of the most deadly catastrophes that man has seen so far. We are fortunate that there are measures that can be taken by individuals and communities to reduce the risk of hurricane before it strikes. One of the common measures in vogue to combat the ravages of the hurricane is installing the Hurricane shutters to the houses. With the rise in the intensity and the number of hurricanes, people in the coastal areas are resorting to those types of shutters that are cheap, durable and easy to install. In this milieu Corrugated Panel Storm shutters are in high demand.

The presence of windows open during the winds may lead to the collapse of the building. It has become mandatory that they should be shuttered to avoid such dangers. Hurricane shutters are available in the temporary storm panels to permanently fixed shutters like the Accordins, Bhamas, Rollers and theColonials. Hurricane shutters are used as the first line of defense in all the storm potential areas. They protect the house from the gales that blow at the rate of 120 miles per hour and the missiles they accompany.

These Corrugated Panel Storm shutters are made up of different panels like aluminum, steel and clear polycarbonate. They attach to the walls around the windows and doors on bolts or tracks. Each piece overlaps the next for maximum strength. These shutters can be installed in different styles. They are retractable and easy to remove when not in use. They are the second cheapest shutters available next to plywood. They are available at affordable prices from $4 to $7 per square foot.

The major advantages of the Corrugated Panel Storm shutters are that they are lightweight, fit into one another making them much easier to install. They can be stored in a less space as they can be piled up. You have to create the permanent tracks to install these shutters as they make the assembling of the panels in a jiffy. They are available in gaudy colors and different designs.

The clear Lexan panels are also available in the market to prepare Corrugated Panel Storm shutters. They are see through panels and sport a spectacular outlook to your house as they allow maximum sunlight. The major advantage of these shutters is that at emergency they provide the prima facie information of the storm to the residents not leaving them in lurch as the traditional shutters do. These shutters do not rust and sport a shabby outlook and has a ten-year warranty.

Corrugated Panel Storm shutters have fewer setbacks. The panels have sharp edges, they may damage the hands of the installer. Shutter panels made out of aluminum, iron are vulnerable to rusting and sport out a shabby outlook. Some times it may take long time to install and organizing the panels.