After the catastrophe created by earlier Hurricane Wilma and latest Hurricane Katrina, use of the Hurricane Shutters is gaining a large momentum. Over the past 110 years, the center of a hurricane has passed within 75 miles of Miami, on average, once every 3.5 years. In this milieu people are in quest for the shutters that can be easily operated by all walks of people. There is no point of surprise to say that Electric Hurricane Shutter falls in this category. These shutters are operated by a button start. The biggest advantage of these shutters is that children, old aged and disabled persons, can easily operate them. They come with minor setbacks that include regular check of the battery.

Hurricane Shutter protects your house and other structures from the deadly winds that blow at the rate of 128 miles per hour. The presence of windows during a storm is considered crucial; when a window is broken, the air pressure may rise inside a building, causing the roof to break apart. This, in turn, weakens the walls of the structure, causing the walls to fall and the entire building to collapse. By installing Electric Hurricane Shutter itís easy to stop this chain reaction from happening. An array of shutters is available in the market. They include the Storm panels, Bahamas, Accordians, Colonials, and Awnings etc. Ordinary shutters can withstand the winds to some extent but to defend hurricane winds the quality control boards like Miami Dade County and SBCCI should approve them. For effective installation they should also meet the parameters set by the Florida Building Code.

Electric Hurricane Shutter has many advantages over the other shutters. They are easily designed and operated for your home inside and outside. They can be installed easily on existing building. Regarding the unique feature of the Electric Hurricane Shutter i.e. they can be operated using electric motors. In case of power failures they can be operated by manual gears or a pull- tape system. A multiple Electric Hurricane Shutter installation using electric motor operators can have a central control system that will open and close shutters on a schedule or automatically close all shutters if the wind exceeds a preset limit.

Electric Hurricane Shutter uses a series of slats that roll up into a housing for storage. The slats, when rolled down, are guided by tracks on each side. This shutter installation must have adequate space for sidetracks up to 3" each side and room for a hood at the top, 6" - 12" depending on the height of the opening. Electric Hurricane Shutter rolls up in an enclosed box above the window when not in use. The only set back of these shutters is that the battery must be checked frequently in order to contain electricity related problems. Electric Hurricane Shutter can be purchased at the rate of $26-$40 per square foot.