Manufacturing hurricane shutters for over forty year Hurst has been known as the established player producing quality hurricane shutters, building protection and security protection. Hurst hurricane shutter are of high quality and can protect against high intensity winds and storms. It has been approved by the state of Texas for its entire hurricane shutters that are completely compliant with the new state building code of Texas. These shutters are available in different forms like Accordion shutter, Accordion clear maxi shutters, Bahamas shutter, colonial shutter, roll up shutter, and roll up maxi shutters and storm panels.

Hurst hurricane shutter makes all the other shutters look out of date and unimpressive. They are light, impact resistant and provide complete security against strong winds and rains. They are also attractive and made to fit the windows and doors of the building. This shutter is an integrated self-mating vertical slat that allows extending to any width while installation of the same. They are highly effortless in opening and closing that is propelled by the stainless steel roller carriage system. Aluminum Hurst hurricane shutter provide fine quality of strength that exceeds wind and impact test requirements of south Florida building code. They are designed to protect the structure against strong winds and storms. These shutters have passed the stringent impact and wind-loading test. They are available in different colors and one can choose from the available to suit the building. They not only add beauty to the residential structure but also provide protection to the structure and building.

Installation of this shutter to your window and door is easy and can be fixed by one individual. In the event of hurricane they could prove to quite useful and protect from the extensive damage that could be done to the building or commercial structure. The Hurst hurricane shutter is expensive but are effective against storms and rain. They are lightweight and flexible and known to comply with the set up standards. They could be operated from both exterior and interior of the window. They are available in manually hand-operated shutter and electric driven motor. They are available in standard configuration or new impact resistant configuration and can be manufactured according to the clients’ request that is done with bit of extra charge.

Hurst hurricane shutter are known for the quality and withstanding high intensity storms and winds. They are rechecked on various aspects before dispatched in the marketed and they ensure full customer satisfaction. These shutters are available in different forms will allow customers to choose from the existing range that is suitable to the type of building or commercial establishment. This is the only shutter that has been approved by different states in the country and having bases in different parts and spread over.