Hurricanes in the Caribbean have changed the lives of people in the coastal states of Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi in the US. Now, there is increased attention to the fallouts of a hurricane striking the coast. Technically speaking, the hurricane season in the region is defined as June 1 through November 30, with August through October being the peak period. This year, both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma struck in August and October respectively. To minimize the damage that is likely to be caused by hurricanes; fortifying one’s property with storm panel shutters is a strongly recommended activity. To fix the storm panels properly, you need storm panel machine. The machine refers to all the tools that you need to use to fix the panel shutters.

The storm panel machine parts include, Combo Sidewalk Screws, Combo Truss Heads, Drill Bits, F- Track screws, Machine screw anchors, Max-set Tapcon, Moustache clips, Nut drivers, PanalMate Anchors, Setting Tools, Tool Kits, Washers, Wing-nut drivers, Wood Fasteners and others. These machines are essential for the proper installation and maintenance of the storm panel shutters. There are some general assumptions. You will be installing the storm shutters on a stucco concrete-block house where the measurements have been taken. The storm panels have arrived and are ready to be installed. The required fasteners and tools are available. This process alone takes months to complete. Then you can begin the installation.

Use the storm panel machine to install the tracks. Make the headers match the top edge line of the stucco. This makes sure that the top fasteners meet the edge distance requirements. Hang the headers using the panel machine. This is to make the installation easy at the top. Measure the distance from the edge of the stucco to the header. Use the panel machine to measure, drill and insert a Tapcon through the header hole and hang the header from the hole. Shift the ladder and the tools and pivot the header so that it is positioned horizontally and drill the hole for the other end with the header in position. Then drive both in using the storm panel machine. With the header in position, you use the machine to drill and insert the Tapcons for the rest of the holes.

There is two types of panel storm windows used in the exterior: single and combination. Single storm panels are a combination of glass and plastic sheeting. Storm panel machine can be used to install these panels. The combination panel contains two windowpanes and a screen over the window. This is a permanent fixture. Thus you can use the panel machine to install and maintain the storm panel shutters. You need to fix all the parts like the screws and fasteners firmly so that they remain in place when hurricane strikes.